Zoning can help to implement the community goals and objectives of a comprehensive plan. Zoning can prevent the mixing of incompatible land uses (such as Pubs and Schools). Zoning can allow potential nuisance uses to be located away from residential neighborhoods or other sensitive areas.


Foreclosures: The action of taking possession of a mortgaged property when the mortgagor fails to keep up their mortgage payments.


Flood Zones: 41 Million Americans Live in Flood Zones. Find out if your land is updated with new flood zone area (Please check with respective agency for more details).


Land Activities: Various Non-Zoning Activtites on the Land like Oil Wells, Coastal Use Permit,RIBITS, Army Corps , BLM, Landifll's ,BrownField's ,Cell Phone Towers, ReDevelopment Zones, Opportunity Zones, HUD Homes,Conservative Lands and Local Government asking for permission to buyout the Historical builidng or Build a New Library or Parksfall in this category.


Environment: Glance All Federal,State or county Environment Data flagged sites around the property. Like the Landfills , Municipal Solid Waste,UnderGround Storage Tanks, Mining ,Hazardous Waste and others as available around the property.


Road Projects which are in various stages from Initiation,Desgin & Construction for Interstate Hwys, US Hwys and by local governments.


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We Believe that Learning the Impact helps in making Wise Decisions.

Property acquisition or selling depends on a lot of factors. Data about these important factors is not available at a single place and in an easily accessible form. Landchecks helps the users to check the impact points and provide virtual due deligence data.

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Features to make you love us more

Zoning data is very important where you Live or when you Buy, Sell or Leasing Properties in USA.

Trustworthy Zoning Data

Find trustworthy zoning data what is happening in and around your community.

Land Changes

Spread the word about a new community ,roads, schools and other Changes coming up.

Organize a Neighborhood

Create a Neighborhood Watch group or quickly get the word out about the changes which effect your home or work place.

Share Information

Share Information of Zoning changes as neighbor , investor or citizen for Pros and Cons of it.

Track the Changes

Find the new laws or changes information coming in your community either from federal agencies to local agencies which affect your surroundings.

Make informed Decisions

Make decisions based on the due deligence information that can be searched and viewed by Maps and Other Reports.


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What data is shown here?

Passively helping you see the past data:
All the Past information are digged for you to shown up so this would affect your decision like closed Landfills or past Cell Phone Towers ,still the land right of way exits to that company to build cell phone tower. Or EPA Site close to your place or High Tension line in Process to building

When do we update data?

Actively Working for you:
Daily in about 3,000 counties and 40 thousand cities land changes are happening, We would keep track each of them, at each department level notices, permits applied or past information without you going out to so many places, We have already done about 1211 cities and 319 counties and moving forward to get you covered 100% of land(Subjective to the information available to us by respective federal or state or county or city agencies, as there could restrict the availability of the data for security where its applicable)

How do we work?

Proactively Informing you:
We work 24 * 7 to get all the land changes at this site for you across the city or state or federal so your informed on your palm.

Looking for a Custom Solution or Integration?

We provide seemless integration with your existing site. The users can get into landchecks from your site.

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