Zoning Zoning ordinances have a huge impact on your property value and use. Past, present and proposed zoning laws can positively or adversely affect your profitability or even create a liability. Learn what is changing around you. Don’t get caught unprepared, check Landchecks!


Road Projects Do you know what roads are proposed or waiting to be improved around your property? These changes can create untold opportunities or calamities! Stay in the know with Landchecks.


Cell Towers No one likes to live under a cell tower, but do you know if one has been proposed or approved near your property? Now you can with Landchecks!


EPA This Federal and State Agency can put you in prison or fine you for any number of less than obvious infractions. Is your site a potential target? Will you be buying an asset or liability if you fail to investigate? Let Landchecks help in your quest.


HUD Homes Does your property qualify for government backed loans or grants under HUD? Or, will HUD homes be an asset or liability in your investment strategy? Better check Landchecks!


Transit Transit projects are always in the works around large and small cities and towns across the country. Do you know what’s coming down the road? Will it help or hurt your plans for development? Landchecks can inform you on this.


Opportunity Zones The government has programs to advance social agendas by encouraging investment and development in underserved communities. Does your site reside in one of these communities? Landchecks knows!


Traffic Counts A must know for leasing commercial property investors and a very popular tab in the Landchecks portal. Check it out!


Foreclosures: The action of taking possession of a mortgaged property when the mortgagor fails to keep up their mortgage payments.


Flood Zones: 41 Million Americans Live in Flood Zones. Find out if your land is updated with new flood zone area (Please check with respective agency for more details).


Transmission Lines Just like Cell Towers, only worse! Are they already on or near your property… or, are they coming soon? What you find out on Landchecks could shock you!


Landfills Would you knowingly build your project next to a landfill, or are you unknowingly building on top of one?! You can avoid this stinker by going to Landchecks and finding out.


Mines Old mines can be the pits! Landchecks can find out what lies below the surface. You’ll really dig the results!


More to Come! Impact factors are being added as needed to deliver the best data for your R.E. investment needs. Don’t be afraid to ask Landchecks if you don’t find what you need!


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Our Clients

We Believe that Learning the Impact helps in making Wise Decisions.

Property acquisition or selling depends on a lot of factors. Data about these important factors is not available at a single place and in an easily accessible form. Landchecks helps the users to check the impact points and provide virtual due deligence data.

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Features to make you love us more

Zoning data is very important where you Live or when you Buy, Sell or Leasing Properties in USA.

Proptech Data

Data is an essential component of the Real Estate business. But, benefiting from it requires settling the question of where do we get the data, legitimately and understandably.

Landchecks makes it simpler. It can guide you and your employees through tasks with little or no technical expertise.

Proximity Analysis

The impact of the proximity is intuitive and property prices are driven by the nearby positive and negative data points.

Landchecks provide industry standard mapping tools for proximity analysis.

Harnessing Data Power

Developers and Investors are often frustrated with the disconnect between the availability of data and the difficulty of harnessing it for quick, actionable insights.

Landchecks data tools provide the user a simple and easy to use data tools.

The Question of Where and When?

Developers and investors have always sought to understand where to acquire property and when to trigger development. Portfolio holders need to optimize their holdings and regularly assess conditions that lead them to divest or capture value.

Landchecks data tools provide BI dashboards for the users around a property, city, zip code or for the entire user portfolio.

AI & ML to Aggregate and Interpret

One way to stitch together the data through advanced analytics is to use machine learning algorithms, which make it significantly easier to aggregate and interpret these disparate sources of data.

Landchecks use AI and ML algorithms to aggregate and interpret data. Landchecks has proprietary AI & ML algorithms for text classification.

Landchecks Data Tools

After all, it is not the raw data that creates value, but the ability to extract patterns and forecasts and use those predictions to design new market-entry strategies.

Google Mapping tools help the user to visualize the changes around a point of interest.

Landchecks BI Tools provide useful insights into the data.
Landchecks data is geo-coded. So the users can use geographical data tools.


Data Points


Data Sets









What data is shown here?

Passively helping you see the past data:
All the Past information are digged for you to shown up so this would affect your decision like closed Landfills or past Cell Phone Towers ,still the land right of way exits to that company to build cell phone tower. Or EPA Site close to your place or High Tension line in Process to building

When do we update data?

Actively Working for you:
Daily in about 3,000 counties and 40 thousand cities land changes are happening, We would keep track each of them, at each department level notices, permits applied or past information without you going out to so many places, We have already done about 1211 cities and 319 counties and moving forward to get you covered 100% of land(Subjective to the information available to us by respective federal or state or county or city agencies, as there could restrict the availability of the data for security where its applicable)

How do we work?

Proactively Informing you:
We work 24 * 7 to get all the land changes at this site for you across the city or state or federal so your informed on your palm.

Looking for a Custom Solution or Integration?

We provide seemless integration with your existing site. The users can get into landchecks from your site.

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